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We work closely with Moody's Analytics to provide a range of services to our customers.


Support is one of our most important functions. We have a dedicated team that provides technical support for the products we supply. Our aim is to solve any problems our customers encounter quickly and efficiently. In addition, we use our technical and business competencies to you to get the best out of our products.


We provide a range of training services. A significant part of these is in helping our customers to get the best out of our products. We provide training both in the use and configuration of these products.

In addition we are seeing a growing demand for training in quantitative techniques required to build obligor rating models; we can help your team to develop the skills necessary to build and validate ratings models.

We can provide both standard and custom training offerings so that we can satisfy your specific needs. Much of the training we offer is delivered in-house on each banks' premises. However we also provide a number of open training courses.

Model Building

We work closely with Moody's Analytics to provide quantitative, and more qualitative, services to help our customers construct obligor rating models. To achieve this we use a range of techniques suited to your environment and ambitions.

Most banks start out with little data. In such cases it often not possible to construct rating models using quantitative approaches. Instead we use Workshop-based approaches to lever off your internal expertise combined with our experiences and knowledge to create sound models that you can use to start formalising your risk assessment architecture. To help make the approach more robust, we supplement the Workshops with data gathering exercises designed to improve the models without putting excessive demands on your team.

It is standard within the industry to create, optimise, validate and calibrate models using default data combined with quantitative techniques. We assist our customers with these tasks in a number of ways. The conventional approach is for us to perform the quantitative work while working closely with your team to ensure that appropriate business expertise is incorporated within the models and that you 'own' the work created. We also provide an even more collaborative approach where we assist your team to perform such work yourselves; under this approach we provide training, coaching, support and review services. In addition, as part of our training offerings, we can provide training specific to different aspects of quantitative modelling.


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