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Moody’s Software Solutions
Proven end-to-end solutions from Moody’s Analytics banks in making faster lending decisions, while managing risk, streamlining processes, and complying with internal policies and regulations over the credit life cycle.
Our Expertise
Our team provides a full scope of services to the banking clients including implementation and configuration of the Moody’s software, business and technical support, as well as Modelling and Advisory services.

Best Practice In Credit Risk Management

International Expertise

A multi-lingual team of professionals with knowledge of banking practices in different countries and cultures.

Understanding Your Needs

A team of Business and IT experts with Banking and Finance background.

Effective and Practical Solutions

Methodologies based on practical experience of real-life engagements with leading banks.

20+ years experience

Over 20 years of Credit Risk projects in partnership with Moody’s, the leading Risk Management firm.